V-S-T Victim-Survivor-THRIVER

All I know is you can't do it alone with Kaycee Carlston

May 16, 2023 Zanna Wolfgang Season 1 Episode 31
V-S-T Victim-Survivor-THRIVER
All I know is you can't do it alone with Kaycee Carlston
V-S-T Victim-Survivor-THRIVER +
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Show Notes

Kaycee Carlston is an empath and intuitive, after years suppressing her emotions and gifts. She struggled to maintain a sense of control in her life and acted out in some pretty volatile ways towards loved ones.

She always knew that life could be better but didn't feel worthy to experience for herself. Her mind told her she wasn't good enough, so that's exactly what manifested. Her story and work are powerful.

Take Aways:

  • Traumas can manifest, in the body impacting our health.
  • Healing is not external; all we need is within us.
  • It's healthy to feel a full range of emotions.  
  • With the help of hypnobreathwork we can rewire our neuro loops and thought patterns allowing healing, and the ability to dream bigger and gain clarity.
  • Joy and Pain coexist.


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